Finding a place to live in Amsterdam

Finding a place to live

The most important thing is to have a roof over your head. This can be a frustrating quest, especially in Amsterdam. There’s a huge shortage of affordable housing in Amsterdam, which has lead to high prices and demand. There are still though plenty of options to find a room or apartment, read on below to find out more.

Renting in Amsterdam

Average prices

These are the average prices (utilities included) when renting a room or apartment in Amsterdam. Although it also strongly depends on the kind of room (with or without shared living room) and apartment (state of repair, garden/balcony etc.) and the renting period.

Housing Amsterdam

Average prices

Housing Amsterdam

Always enquire about which utility costs are included within the monthly rent.

Where to look

How do you find your dream shack? Still the best way to find the perfect spot for a good price is word of mouth. So make sure everyone in your network knows about your housing search. Nowadays most of the vacant rooms and apartment are posted on Facebook, so ask your friends to tag you when something interesting pops up.

Here are some more popular channels that you should take a look at:

  • Kamernet: the most popular website for (student) rooms, but for apartments it’s also worth to take a look at.
    This website also available in English. To actually respond to offers you need to upgrade to a premium account, but it’s for sure on of the best options if you’re in need of a place to live!
  • another popular website to find rooms. This website is available in English as well. To actually respond on offers you need to upgrade to a premium account.
  • Housing Anywhere: platform for international students with verified landlords. The platform takes 25% of the first month’s rent as a commission fee.
  • Woningcorporaties (housing corporations): these corporations offer social housing but also offer apartments in the private  sector. There are multiple corporations in Amsterdam, like Ymere, Eigen Haard, De Alliantie, Stadgenoot and Rochdale. Their websites are all in Dutch.
  • Funda: while this site is mainly used to buy houses, there’s also a supply of rental apartments.
  • Facebook groups: you can always join Facebook groups which offer vacant rooms or apartments. Some possible groups include:
    Woningen te huur in AmsterdamHousing Amsterdam Facebook
    Amsterdam Apartments 4 Rent
    Appartementen en kamers te huur
    Room available in Amsterdam
    Amsterdam flat hunting (people teaming up to rent a place)
    Housing Anywhere (for international students)

Tips for your hunt

How can you stand out when there are so many people looking for a room or apartment? Here are some tips that might give you an advantage:

  • Make sure you contact the offering landlords in Dutch.
  • Are you looking for a room? Try to team up with some other people looking for a room, so you can rent an apartment together.
  • Be fast! Have your reply and motivation ready so you can respond immediately when something interesting pops up.
  • Arrange a viewing as soon as possible. Preferably the same day, because tomorrow may be too late!
  • Don’t be too picky at first. When you have a place to live it’s easier to look for something better.

Be aware of scams!

There are many scams going on in Amsterdam. Be careful with Facebook  and Marktplaats advertisements. Never pay upfront until you have signed a contract. And when something is too good to be true, it probably is. There are some agencies that ask for a commission when the deal is done. Make sure that the commission costs are clear in advance and don’t pay a commission of more than one month rent.

Housing AmsterdamWhich neighbourhood?

Your neighbourhood is an important part of your daily life, so it’s very important that you position yourself in a pleasant neighbourhood that fits your needs. When you have just arrived in a new city, it’s hard to tell which neighbourhoods are nice to live in and which ones should be avoided.

We created a special guide, which helps you to understand the characteristics of the different neighbourhoods and the prices for each neighbourhood. You want to get access to this guide or want more advise on this topic? Contact us here.

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